After what seems like an endless long road, my Droid Bionic finally got the Ice Cream Sandwich update. After the first week,  I must say it was well worth the wait.

ICS totally changes the look and feel of the phone.. The apps seem more responsive, the display is cleaner.It is easier to scroll through contacts, apps and texts. Even the unlock screen give you more choices – phone, text, camera, apps- even music controls while locked.

My favorite is the built in Smart Apps, the phone will automatically change settings based on location, time of day and even amount of battery remaining. I not longer need to worry about the “soft kitty” ring tone going off at work, and it changes back when I leave. If I am in the car, it loads my music app. (I am testing a new one there, my thoughts on that on a latter date.)

Kudos for Motorola for not only saying Bionic users were given the short end of the stick for the delays in the upgrades, but for doing something about it.